Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A View of the Bachmann Administration Period

The worst part of "The Great Deflation" will unfold during the Bachmann Administration Period (2017 - 2021), yet we continue to see precursor events that give us an indication of events that will start unfolding in 2017. A case of point is a bill that is being brought to the floor in Congress now, which has been nicknamed the Internet Blacklist Bill and known as the PROTECT IP Act.

The PROTECT IP Act is a blatant form of authoritarianism, and the fact that the bill is moving through Congress while the "Occupy Wall Street" protests are still unfolding may be an indication that governments are making their move to break the back of the protests. The bill would give governments the ability to effectively shut down large sections of the Internet under the pretense of prosecuting copyright infringement laws. Governments that feel threatened by its own people will take steps to shut down the flow of information, which in the 21st century, involve censorship of the Internet -- which can include blocking Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The PROTECT IP Act is a form of censorship that is mostly supported by people in the top 1% as well as a number of corporations that put profits before everything else.

The original version of PROTECT IP was filibustered by Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR). The new House version of the bill has support from both parties, demonstrating the fact that politicians generally represent the top 1% and will do anything to keep the top 1% in power by any means necessary. The House version is very likely to get through the House but get filibustered in the Senate (for at least several months, depending on how soon cloture can be achieved). The bill will never become law as long as Obama is president -- authoritarianism has been substantially constrained at the federal level since the start of the Obama Administration Period, and the trend is expected to continue through the rest of the period.

Once the Bachmann Administration Period starts in 2017, we will see a substantial increase in authoritarianism at the federal level. Michele Bachmann will be substantially more authoritarian than Woodrow Wilson, and the authoritarian impulses will be strongly expressed in the suppression of information flow in an effort to end the "Occupy Wall Street" protests that will involve around 3 million people (in the United States) taking to the streets at that time. There is no doubt that Michele Bachmann will sign the PROTECT IP Act bill into law in early 2017.

Last year, Elliott Wave International had been predicting that the Internet will become fragmented during the worst part of "The Great Deflation" as authoritarian forces assert control in an effort to suppress information flow and silence dissenters. The PROTECT IP Act is a substantial step in the direction of fulfilling that forecast.

The precursors of the Internet, MILNET and ARPANET, will function at full capacity throughout the Bachmann Administration Period. The Internet, however, will become more and more fragmented during the Bachmann Administration Period, and could possibly be shut down altogether by late 2020 as we reach the center of Primary wave [5] down as the collision course between authoritarians and champions of liberty reach an epic climax in 2021.

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