Monday, May 30, 2011

Precursors of the Green Technology Age

We are already seeing some precursors of the coming "Green Technology Age" start to unfold. The latest evidence of the coming period can be seen in Germany, where the government just announced its intentions to close down all of the nuclear reactors by 2022. Its a significant development when a large nation starts taking significant steps towards embracing a green technology industry. This followed closely on the heels of an announcement that the Japanese government intends to push for a plan for solar panels on all new buildings by 2030.

The first precursors surfaced in the smaller developed nations such as Norway, the Netherlands, and Finland back in 2007. These social trends were an indication of what would happen next. After the massive earthquake that struck Japan, and the tsunami that followed, it was only a matter of time before some larger nations start taking steps towards a green technology future.

In the coming years, we will continue to see more and more precursors of the coming "Green Technology Age" as "The Great Deflation" continues to unfold. When "The Great Deflation" ends in 2021, the "Green Technology Age" will start. The "Green Technology Age" is expected to span from 2021 to 2042, and economic fundamentals should be strong enough to support an industry based on green technology such as solar panels, wind farms, carbon capture technology, biofuels, and vehicles that use hydrogen for fuel. In the United States, the green technology industry will result in the creation of 35 million jobs.

For those that can make it through "The Great Deflation" without getting their wealth wiped out by the deflationary collapse, the start of the "Green Technology Age" will offer an unprecedented opportunity to get in on the next emerging market as the green technology industry starts taking off in 2021. The "Green Technology Age" would be identified as Supercycle wave (b), which means that it would be a very long reprieve period, but still a bear market rally within the larger Grand Supercycle degree bear market.

Expect more precursors of the coming "Green Technology Age" to unfold in the coming years. The technology for the coming green technology industry already exists, its only a matter of time before it all gets produced on an industrial scale.

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