Thursday, July 21, 2011

Another view of the Great Tribulation

Another aspect of "The Great Tribulation" that is going to have a profound effect on virtually everyone in the United States from 2042 - 2055 -- Supercycle wave (c) of Grand Supercycle wave [IV] -- is the dark side of Christianity manifesting itself in ways not seen since the Dark Ages.

We are already seeing precursor events that indicate that the dark side of Christianity will be out in full display, as current trends are going in that direction. We have already seen a number of precursor events showing the dark side of Christianity at work with the Tiller assassination, Park 51, the Abu Ghraib abuses, and the Guantanamo Bay waterboarding scandal of 2005.

Religious intolerance is a characteristic of bear markets as negative social mood has the effect of fostering conflict and friction between groups. Christians are affected by the social mood of the larger population as any group of people are, and bear markets result in Christians becoming intolerant of other populations. The magnitude of the intolerance is commensurate to the degree of the bear market as examples listed below illustrate.

Primary degree bear market -- intolerance unfolds in the form of heated court battles. The court cases, McLean v Arkansas and Edwards v Aguillard, which involved a creationism vs evolution dispute, both took place during Primary wave [2] (1977 - 1982).

Cycle degree bear market -- intolerance unfolds in the form of a massive wave of hate crimes and large scale intimidation, such as the rise of the Ku Klux Klan during Cycle wave IV (1918 - 1921) as the organization opposed unions and employment opportunities for minorities, and again during Cycle wave IV (1966 - 1974) when the organization was involved in large scale intimidation against minorities.

Supercycle degree bear market -- intolerance unfolds in the form of mass purges, such as the Holocaust that is associated with Supercycle wave (IV).

We are in a Grand Supercycle degree bear market, so one can only imagine the magnitude of the atrocities that are about to be committed by Christians during "The Great Tribulation". The most likely scenario is that Christians take complete control of the United States government at all levels in the 2044 elections, then proceed to commit atrocities not seen since the Dark Ages with the bear market bringing back large scale witch hunts and the crusades (a smaller version of the Crusades that took place from 1095 to 1291, but it will still be extensive in its own right.) in addition to the types of atrocities that took place in Nazi Germany.

The worst of the atrocities are most likely start in 2045 and continue until perhaps 2060.

In the near term, expect the attitude of Christians towards other groups of people to change from friendly (as it is now during a peak in social mood) to neutral in 2012, and then change to hostile by 2015. Individuals will be able to buck the trend and continue to value human life, but don't expect churches to do so.

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