Saturday, June 30, 2012

More Precursors of Climate Change

As with last year, we continue to see more and more precursors of the coming climate change even as people continue to remain complacent on the issue. The effects of man-made climate change that we are seeing now is just a preview of what we will see during "The Great Tribulation" when the effects of man-made climate change start unfolding in full force.

As I demonstrated here and here, man-made global warming unfolding in full force will be one of the defining characteristics of Supercycle wave (c) down (2076 - 2118) within Grand Supercycle wave [IV], which is one of the big reasons why the term "The Great Tribulation" is warranted.

Recent events in the Unites States sets the scene for the effects of man-made global warming:

1 -- A number of massive wildfires are burning out of control in Colorado, causing the evacuation of 32000 people from a number of small communities along the Waldo Canyon area. The wildfires started on June 9, 2012 mostly from lightning strikes. The fires have burned over 200,000 acres and destroyed over 600 homes. The massive wildfire was made possible by a lack of precipitation as the area received only 13% of normal precipitation during the 2011-2012 winter. A few days ago, President Obama toured the state and sent in federal resources to battle the fires.

2 -- After one of the warmest springs on record, a large portion of southern and central United States is currently being plagued by a scorching heat wave with over 1000 records falling so far. There are a few people that are recognizing the connection between rising temperatures and man made climate change with NBC Washington's chief meteorologist commenting "if we did not have global warming, we would not be seeing this".

3 -- It's still early in the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season, but there is already damage being done. Rising temperatures are not the only consequence of global warming, as recently demonstrated with Tropical Storm Debby (2012) drenching the Florida coast with over 2 feet of rain and causing massive flooding and opening up numerous sinkholes.

As the abuse of resources, particularly fossil fuels, continues to take place under the political influence of the Koch-ALEC cabal for the sake of making a larger profit, the cumulative effects of unrestrained consumption of fossil fuels continues to unfold. The concentration of carbon dioxide in the Arctic recently exceeded 400 parts per million. The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was at 275 parts per million at the start of the late Industrial Revolution (Supercycle wave (III) up (1859 - 1929)). It is very likely that the abuse of resources will continue unabated until the oil supply crash takes place in 2017.

The "Green Technology Revolution" will affect the timing of when the full force of man made global warming will unfold as alternative energy becomes the dominant source of energy in Western Europe, Canada, Japan, Australia, Brazil, and South Korea as Supercycle wave (b) up (2042 - 2076) unfolds. Utilization of alternative energy will slow down the progression of man made climate change with less carbon dioxide poured into the atmosphere. As demonstrated in an earlier post, alternative energy will never get a foothold in the United States due to the strong political influence of Koch Industries and the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), so the abuse of fossil fuels (particularly coal) is expected to continue in the United States throughout Supercycle wave (b) up (2042 - 2076) and even a portion of Supercycle wave (c) down (2076 - 2118) as well.

There is already recognition of the reality of man made global warming amongst the scientists. Unfortunately, it will be a very long time before everyone else realizes that man made global warming is real. Here is a long term chart of the DJIA showing when the "point of recognition" will come:

It is very likely that the "point of recognition" associated with man made global warming will take place at the center of Cycle wave I down (2076 - 2082) within the larger Supercycle wave (c) down. The "point of recognition" will result in the "Global Warming Panic" in 2078 as people finally realize that global warming is for real.

We are a long way from the "point of recognition". As recent news demonstrates, the vast majority of people are still in denial when it comes to the reality of global warming:

1 -- The Rio + 20 summit, which was supposed to hammer out solutions to the coming climate crisis, ended in a complete failure with nothing accomplished.

2 -- There is denial even at the White House, as demonstrated by President Obama's recent approval for building the southern portion of the Keystone XL pipeline and the approval of offshore oil drilling in the Arctic with the belief that an oil spill could never happen.

3 -- The Chamber of Commerce and utility companies are actively waging a campaign against increasing renewable energy standards in Michigan. This is likely just one of many such campaign battles being fought to stop alternative energy from getting a foothold anywhere in the United States.

The implications of man made climate change are very real. As the full force of climate change unfolds, the global availability of arable land will eventually be affected. During Supercycle wave (c) down, it is very likely that nations will go to war to secure control over arable land and habitable land. The possibility of war as a consequence of climate change has been discussed in an article titled "Memorial Day 2030". This would not be the first time that civilization would be dramatically affected by climate change -- Recent archeological evidence points to climate change as the primary cause of the fall of the ancient Indus civilization between 3900 and 3000 years ago.

The effects of man made climate change will almost certainly continue well into Grand Supercycle wave [V] up (2118 - 2296) with sea levels continuing to rise during that time. However, it is very likely that positive social mood during that time will allow human civilization to adapt to the changing climate.

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